GCC Goes with No Recompiling

GGNoRe is a GCC compiler suite that helps enforce good coding practices, even if it's at the expense of the programmer and the code.

GGNoRe is small

We currently have two different utilities: one to enforce the Rule of 30, and one that promotes compilable code at all costs.
The Rule of 30 simply cuts off your functions if they are more than 30 lines long. Originally we had planned to get rid of your code that comes after line 30, but we have decided to be nice and make a new function for you.
Our compiler than enforces compilable code is called Compile and Stack Overflow. When GCC fails and returns an error, we search that error on Stack Overflow and nondeterministicly add the code on the SO page to your code, until it compiles.

GGNoRe is fast

Our code has been optimized to ensure that compilation is always quick and absolutely no slower than regular plan vanilla GCC.

GGNoRe is free

Get that GNU public license, fam.
Here is our license.

GGNoRe is whatever you want it to be!

Come contribute! You have an esoteric idea for compilation, or a stupid idea you think is funny that is related to compiling? Fork the repo!


Our Github page contains all of our documentation:
How To Hack


We have very few rules:
1. only push to remote if your code works
2. fork the repo and submit a pull request if you want your changes to be added

About Us

Nicholas Jones is a soon-to-be-graduate of the University of Notre Dame, hailing originally from Pittsburgh. He spends his days reading Wikipedia, becoming over-engrossed in sports, pretending to exercise, and not coding nearly as much as he probably should.

John Effrey is a soon-to-be-living-in-a-single-of-Stanford-Hall-person-guy, who was too lazy to come up with one of these on his own and decided to steal pieces from Nick Jones. He hails from 5-hours-ish east of Pittsburgh and spends his days antagonizing the CS department.

Breanna Devore-McDonald is a 4th year CS major at Notre Dame, budding underpaid and overworked PhD student at UMass Amherst, and soon-to-be hobo setting up camp at a finance company trying to teach high school girls how to show up boys in CS. She hails from 38 hours west of Pittsburgh, in a small unknown state called California.

Thank you to Wren Programming Language for the site inspo.