About the Blog

BashfulBytes is simply a means to document my various hobby and research hackings, along with some neat experiences throughout my journey as a computer scientist and young researcher. I'll probably also use this blog as a consistent source of comedic relief in the future, but that's just a side effect.

On this blog, you will find the most content on Python and Linux, my weapons of choice. If you wanna read about how I generate and host this blog, click here.

About Me

I'm Breanna Devore-McDonald and am currently a Compiler Engineer at Intel. Until 2021, I was a PhD student in the PLASMA lab at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, working with Emery Berger. At that point, I decided to leave with my Master's degree and go into industry, where I've been since. My BS degree is in Computer Science, with a minor in Cyber Security, which I earned in 2017 from the University of Notre Dame. My interests lie in programming languages, compilers, and CS education, and I've previously worked for IBM, Cray, and Qualcomm.

When I'm not coding, I'm most likely either reading a fantasy novel or making ceramics in my garage pottery studio. Often both at the same time, thank you audiobooks. I married my partner Jeffrey in October of 2020 and we have the sweetest pitbull named Ford (after Harrison, not Henry). He is not the doggo pictured- that little ewok is named Teek and is one of my childhood dogs.

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