2019-02-10 random


I've been thinking of making this post for a while, just so I can keep track of all the places I visit and all the amazing food and drinks that have been a part of my life. Today, this was mainly inspired by the best brunch I have ever had. Anyways, here is the list. I think I might separate this out into different posts eventually, but whatever.

I'd just like to say this this isn't just "good" food. This is food that I will forever crave and will spend sleepless nights thinking about when I move (or have moved) away from that area.

Amherst, MA

Chocolate chip cookie at Share Coffee
Blueberry muffin at Share Coffee
Any espresso drink at Share Coffee
Super chicken panini at The Works Cafe
Vermont cobb salad at The Works Cafe
Egg, cheese, sausage on Jalapeno Cheddar Bagel at The Works Cafe
Biang Biang hand-pulled noodles at LiLi's
Chicken fried rice at LiLi's
Thai tea with boba at LimeRed
Maple glazed donut at Atkins Farm

Greater Pioneer Valley Area

Anything on the specials menu at Bridgeside Grille in Sunderland, MA

East Village, Manhattan

All of the pizza at Gruppo Thin Crust
Tex-Mex burger at The Remedy Diner
All of the espresso drinks at Ninth Street Espresso
The schnitzel and the butternut squash ravioli at Edi and The Wolf
Parisienne mac and cheese at S'MAC
Pineapple guac at Guac & Jazzo
Chicken and Garlic ramen at Momofuku

Dublin, Ireland

Chicken pot pie at Queen of Tarts
Any espresso drink at Fixx Cafe (I think it might be closed now, but it was on Dawson St.)
The Orgasm at Porterhouse Central


All cheese or supreme deep dish pizza at Giordano's

Greater Notre Dame Area

Schnitzel and the Chicken & Spaetzle at Weiss Gasthaus in Roseland
Biscuits and Sausage Gravy at American Pancake House in Roseland
Table Side Guacamole at Salsa's in Mishawaka
Egg, cheese, sausage on croissant at Waddick's on campus


Quiche Lorraine at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie at Epcot in Disney World
Schnitzel and spaetzel at Biergarten at Epcot in Disney World