2016-12-27 programming

Building an IRC Chatbot

For Christmas 2016, my brother got me a Sphero BB8 droid that I lovingly hacked for a decent 1.5 days before I wanted to create an interface to let my club to play around,as well. The perfect platform: Slack.

Our club's Slack channel is very active. I'm pretty sure the entire CS department at Notre Dame is in the chat now, but the small group that comes to meetings also keeps the rest up to date with their latest hackings, so neat projects and snippets of code are thrown around often in #lug. (It's a great learning environment and we love each other, shameless plug but check us out...)
So, creating a Slack interface for my BB8 droid was the proper next step.

Our club advisor and professor, Dr. Peter Bui is also in our chat, along with his sassy IRC bot, Bobbit. Bobbit was the first IRC bot I've ever interacted with, so he kind of became what I expect bots to act like. I've also interacted with my boyfriend's Facebook/GroupMe chatbot, Wolfrat Bot, who is pretty similar to Bobbit in terms of functionality, from what I've seen. I didn't want to make a redundant bot that has the same functionality as Bobbit and Wolfrat, so I wanted to keep it simple and stick to a few keyword responses and a few commands to my Sphero BB8.