2023-03-27 random

Uh, hi

Wow, it has been a while.

Honestly, programming hasn't been rocking my socks in recent times so I've spent the majority of my free time doing literally anything other than coding, and that includes not making blog posts... I actually am only messing around on here because I noticed my Droplet got turned off somehow and my website was down. I'm not even sure how long the site was down. My SSL certificate was expired too... quite the little mess. Actually, it took 5 mins to fix everything, but still low key embarrasing.

Anyways, what's been on my mind the last few days has pretty much just been music. And the books I'm currently reading, and the pottery commissions I need to be working on, but mostly music. So here is my current playlist. I did this once before and thought it would be fun to keep track of my music tastes to someday look back on. Who knows really.


Granite - Sleep Token
Descending - Sleep Token
Aqua Regia - Sleep Token
Atlantic - Sleep Token
Hypnosis - Sleep Token
The Summoning - Sleep Token
High Water - Sleep Token
The Love You Want - Sleep Token
Alkaline - Sleep Token
Eat Your Young - Hozier
The Death of Piece of Mind - Bad Omens
You First - Paramore
Figure 8 - Paramore
No Idea - MUNA
Redecorate - Twenty One Pilots
Shy Away - Twenty One Pilots
Holiday - Fletcher
Make Up Sex - Machine Gun Kelly
Maybe - Machine Gun Kelly ft. Bring Me The Horizon
God Save Me - Machine Gun Kelly
I Wanna Be Your Slave - Maneskin
The Great War - Taylor Swift
Would've, Could've, Should've - Taylor Swift

Yeah, I clearly have an obsession with Sleep Token right now.